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PostSubject: Just Registered?   6th January 2010, 20:41

Thank you for registering at Ascendio! I hope it is all you imagined and more.

1. Your account needs to have at least a first and last name. Middle names are welcome. So, if you did not originally register with a full name for your character, then please request a name change. We will accept it as soon as possible. There can be exceptions to the rule. Please pm myself or another admin to get permission for an exception.

2. Read the Rules.

3. You need to decide on what house and year your character will be in if they are a student. If you can not decide, then there is a sorting hat quiz that you can take that will place you. If you can not decide on a year, then an admin will place you.

If you want a character that is not a student, then go ahead to the next step.

Click here to see which houses and years have room for you. The more characters that are made on the site, the more people there can be in each year and house.

If you would like to be sorted go here:

The Sorting Hat

After either picking your house or being sorted into a house click on the link toward the top called, "Groups" and pick the house you were sorted into.

If your character is not a student, then pick the option that bests describes your characters "occupation".

4. Fill out the Character Profile. Click "Profile" at the top. You are given several sections of your profile. "Character Profile" is the last option.

If you need to apply for any special abilities or positions, then do so now. It is likely that they will be accepted, so go ahead and go on to the next step. If there is a problem with your application, an admin will contact you and work things out. Normally it is just something small or they will just need more of an explanation.

5. ((For now, do not follow this step. Instead add characters to your Friends and Enemies lists and you roleplay with them.)) Create a Plot Planning Thread. This is there to keep track of your characters relationships. You'll need to fill this out as time goes on. It should get more and more complex the more to role play.

6. After doing those you are ready to role play! A good start would be The First Sorting Ceremony. I would like it if everyone posted there.

7. A good place to post next is the Start of the Year Feast. It's a great way to get your character going and figure out relationships with other characters (which you need to add to your friends and foes area as time goes on).

8. By clicking on your characters name at the top, you can add an avatar and signature (We love pictures, just don't make them huge).

9. Get to know the other members and their characters. Have fun with it all and be willing to take risks! This is a magical world after all. However, keep in mind that Rowling did set limits to what magic can do. If you have a doubt ask an admin or check the Rules of the Wizarding World, or the Library, Wikipedia, Google, or just flip open a Harry Potter book.

10. I ask that everyone go to Rules of the Wizarding World ((This link is different from the one above because it is a simpler compilation from the other one, much easier to get through)) and read through it before you really begin to role play. It is a list of important rules to the Wizarding World that Rowling made up. I ask that you keep them in mind, look back on them from time to time as a refresher, and follow them. I am sure that all of them are not there, so I will be adding to them over time.
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Just Registered?
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