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Mavis Cerdwin

Deputy Headmaster:
Alastair Weatherby
Jacqueline Walker - Astronomy, Muggle Studies
Cuthbert Binns - Pre-FOH History of Magic
Demitri Urien - Potions Master, Occulmency, Legilimency
Hanley Lugaid - Post FOH History of Magic
Alexander Lawson - Ancient Runes
Head Girl:
Edolie Holcombe

Head Boy:
Alec Lightwood

Hufflepuff Prefects:

Ravenclaw Prefects:
Clary Fairchild

Gryffindor Prefects:
Isabelle Lightwood

Slytherin Prefects:
Aurora Lawson
Hufflepuff :: 180 | Ravenclaw :: 235 | Gryffindor :: 210 | Slytherin :: 245

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 Points 2568-2569 School Year

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Professor Mavis Cerdwin
Professor Mavis Cerdwin

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PostSubject: Points 2568-2569 School Year   7th January 2010, 14:58

20 points each to Gryffindor thanks Acelia Lane and Aaron Lane (ten each) for helping a student in need.

50 points to Gryffindor because Acelia Lane invited SkylaBelleKnighton to the site.

10 points to Gryffindor for Acelia Lane because SkylaBelleKnighton was active for atleast a month.


50 to Slytherin because I invited Bianca (Marishka Lestrange)

10 + 15 + 20 + 25= 70 to Ravenclaw because Bianca has been active for four months.

50 to Hufflepuff because I invited Ails (Aurora Lawson)

10 + 15= 25 to Hufflepuff for two out of five months that Ails has been active.

5 (out of 20) to each house for the third of the five months that Ails has been active.

25 to Slytherin for the fifth month that Ails has been active.

50 to whichever house Ails wants because she got Rachyl to join.

10 + 15= 25 (or separated) to whichever house Ails wants for two months of Rachyl being active.


10 points to Ravenclaw for Skyla Knighton for an article written.

20 points to Ravenclaw for Chad Donovan for two articles written.


You can give my 50 points to Slytherin for Aurora please and the 25 to Gryffindor for Leo


Tally thus far:

Hufflepuff: 180
Ravenclaw: 205
Gryffindor: 210
Slytherin: 230

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Points 2568-2569 School Year
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