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Mavis Cerdwin

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 The First Sorting Ceremony

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Professor Mavis Cerdwin
Professor Mavis Cerdwin

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PostSubject: The First Sorting Ceremony   9th January 2010, 18:45

((Whether you have decided for yourself
or taken The Sorting Hat test, please post your experience with the
hat: What it said to you, what you were feeling, et cetera.

That last long part of the Sorting Hat's song was taken from the songs in the books. Sorry, I got lazy.))

the first time in almost five hundred years, the Great Hall was lit
again. Candles floated above the students, lined up between the middle
two tables of four, who would soon be divided like the ways of old and
sit at their respective tables. Headmistress Cerdwin stood at a podium
with tears in her eyes, proud to see young people gathered there again.
A four legged stool stood beside her and an ancient hat that had seen
far better days lay upon it. Old scorch marks could be seen in places
and it still smelled of burned cloth. The Sorting Hat twitched and
began to sing:

"So here we are once again.
We’re starting out a new,
But as I sit on my stool
I wonder what to do.

The past has much to teach,
So look and listen well.
Because you are quartered
This could be the next fall.

Alas, let’s get to the sorting,
What will divide you all:
You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.
So put me on! Don't be afraid!
Let the Sorting now begin."

brows creased as the looked at the hat with concern, but that wasn't
the time for questioning, so she looked down at the scroll before her
and called the first name on the list...

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Olivander Shores
Olivander Shores

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PostSubject: Re: The First Sorting Ceremony   9th May 2010, 18:21

((I'll post this in first person if that's all right...))

I remember she called my name, 'Olivander Shores...' Slytherin and Ravenclaw glared at each other, as if having a silent fight over who would get me....obviously it was up to the hat, though, so they wasted their time unknowingly. I sighed, becoming scared quickly. What if I got sorted into Slytherin? That's seven years of snakes...I remember shivering at that thought...

"Care to pick up the pace, boy?" The hat called mockingly. Slytherin laughed at that...Jerks.
I took a small jog the rest of the way, slipping the hat on.

'...You seem a bit mischevious...Perhaps...No, no...Far too kind for that...Hmmm...A bit loyal? But wait- your knowledge of spell usage...Then there's your...You should look into your family tree, boy...' The hat muttered. My family tree...

"RAVENCLAW!!!" That hat bellowed before I could react to his comment. As if in a victory dance, the Ravenclaws leaped from their seats with a cheer. Slytherin sighed, going back to whatever....

My family tree...
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Kumiko Yuki
Kumiko Yuki

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PostSubject: Re: The First Sorting Ceremony   9th May 2010, 23:27

Yuki stood in the midst of the throng of students, unable to see much of anything past them. She leaned this way and that and tried standing on the very tips of her toes, trying desperately to get a glimpse of what was going on ahead. Names were being called and the mass of students was slowly dwindling, but she didn't yet have a clue as to why for she knew next to nothing about Hogwarts.

And then it came, "Yuki Kumiko." The way her name was said threw her off a bit, but she pushed that feeling aside and started to force her way through the crowd. Due to her small stature, most of the students were much taller than her. She finally broke through the crowd and saw the red-headed woman ahead and then the stool and the hat. She timidly walked forward, not quite sure of what to do.

"Put me on and have a seat," the hat whispered. Yuki did not understand English very well yet, but did well enough to understand that. She picked up the large hat, sat down, and placed it on her head. Darkness along with the smell of mothballs and something burning over took her. She nearly forgot about the students who were watching her. "Well, you are an easy one to place," the Sorting Hat said in her native tongue. "Very timid, but a hard worker and you have a kind heart." Then out loud the Hat said, "Hufflepuff!"

Yuki nearly fell off the stool with surprise and then slipped out from under the hat. She looked around for a moment, completely and utterly confused, but then saw that a particular table was clapping and cheering, so she made her way to it and took a seat, simply hoping that she was doing what she was supposed to do.
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Mathilde Ward
Mathilde Ward

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PostSubject: Re: The First Sorting Ceremony   30th June 2010, 04:53

Waiting in line behind the other students waiting to be sorted was interesting to Tilde. The looks on the students faces as they were seperated into the various tables amused her greatly. She was unsure of which house she would like to be sorted into but she didn't think it would matter a great deal as she was apart of the new generation.

She brushed her flaming hair through her fingers while thinking about how wonderful it would be being away from her mother when she heard a large cough from next to her. She had been called upon but she wasn't paying attention; a natural occurance for Tilde. The hat was placed upon her head and voice started talking inside her mind.

"Ah... Well you are quite different but sorting you won't be difficult. You are self-absorbed at times, like a snake but your heart is kind and wants to help others so you won't fit there, no... You show signs of being quite intelligent even with your stumble before, reminding me of a very old student of mine from this house... You belong in... Ravenclaw!!!"

A group of people clapped loudly with a few faces who were unsure of this addition but Tilde skipped on towards the table of blue and smiled up at the hat. She was sure to like this house.
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Benjamin Siegel
Benjamin Siegel

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PostSubject: Re: The First Sorting Ceremony   4th July 2010, 12:26

Simply the idea of being surrounded by so many students around his age was rather irritating to Benjamin. Usually he surrounded himself with older people, most of whom learned quickly to respect him as a peer. He glanced around, looking for that familiar face, but found it rather difficult in the crowded Great Hall. "Virginia Hill," he thought, loving the sound of her name, but he was becoming rather disheartened at having not seeing her there yet. She said that she would be going to Hogwarts.

Then he heard it, "Siegel, Benjamin!" At the sound of his name, he swiftly pushed through the students and took his place on the stool. Darkness engulfed him when the hat was placed on his head and he had the distinct feeling that someone was rifling through his mind. "Another grand..." said a voice in his head in a rather sarcastic tone.

"What is that supposed to mean?!" Chad said rather loudly to the hat. He didn't care at that moment if everyone heard.

"Nevermind that..." the hat said.

"No," Chad hissed. "I am not another one. You best remember that. Now, are you going to sort me or not?[/i]"

"I would rather not, but seeing as I have no choice...SLYTHERIN!" The hat said the last part out loud.

Feeling very pleased with being sorted into Slytherin, Benjamin said, "Thank you," and took off the hat before making his way toward the Slytherin table.
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Nigel Clarkson
Nigel Clarkson

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PostSubject: Re: The First Sorting Ceremony   5th July 2010, 14:00

Nigel looked around the great hall in wonder. He had known that he was a wizard since he was about 8 but at the time there was nowhere to train and learn more about it. His mother had been the magical one in the family but as she had no education in it either, she was happy enough to live as a muggle. When the letter inviting him to attend Hogwarts arrived, both his parents were overjoyed. His father, although he is a muggle, was happy that his son would have to opportunity to explore the wizarding world as he knew it hurt his wife that she wasn't able to get a wizarding education. His mother hoped that Nigel would bring some of his new magical knowledge home so that she could learn more about her heritage.

Absolutely everything about the place was a wonder to Nigel, he had always sort of thought that what limited knowledge his mother had was greatly exaggerated. However he was beginning to realise it had been understated. He looked at the students who had already been sorted thinking that he could probably get along with most of them except the moody looking lot at the green table. He hoped he wouldn't be put with them. Wherever he ended up though, Nigel was determined to make the most of this opportunity and he felt extremely lucky to be there.

"Clarkson, Nigel" When the headmistress called his name, Nigel dutifully got up and walked to the top of the hall. He sat down and the hat was placed on his head. He nearly yelped out loud when it began to speak to him in his mind. Getting over the initial shock, he listened intently to what the hat had to say. "Hmmm, I know where my initial intuition is telling me to place you but I must be careful. You are a loyal, brave sort but you can be fun loving too. I just don't know....No, I was right the first time......the house you belong in is........ Gryffindor!" Nigel suddenly realised he didn't actually know the name of the houses yet but going by the cheering that was coming from the red table, he knew it must be there that he belonged. He took the hat off, thanked it very much and handed it back to Mavis.
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Ceryse Lopez
Ceryse Lopez

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PostSubject: Re: The First Sorting Ceremony   8th July 2010, 08:22

Ceryse was at the end of all the students, she never saw so many young people, she could see to each student sitting on the stool and the face when the Sorting Hat choose the house for them.

She listen other students talking to themself hopping to be choose to their favorite house...other just won't care too much... but one thing Ceryse was sure she doesn't want to be one of the Slytherin.

Suddenly a couple students taller than her make her almost imposible to see so she decide to move carefully to the front in that way she could see with no problems... for her surprise the next name that the Headmistress Cerdwin said was "Ceryse Lopez".

She look at her then at the Sorting Hat with a deep breathe she walk in front and sat down on the stool... the Headmistress put the Sorting Hat and start talking.

"Very interesting a girl with courage and anger in her heart... hard worked and when you put your heart and mind to help others and learn you just do it...and for that the house you belong in is...Ravenclaw".

A big smile appear in Ceryse face she was happy and walk where table of blue was and sat down.

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PostSubject: Re: The First Sorting Ceremony   

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The First Sorting Ceremony
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