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Mavis Cerdwin

Deputy Headmaster:
Alastair Weatherby
Jacqueline Walker - Astronomy, Muggle Studies
Cuthbert Binns - Pre-FOH History of Magic
Demitri Urien - Potions Master, Occulmency, Legilimency
Hanley Lugaid - Post FOH History of Magic
Alexander Lawson - Ancient Runes
Head Girl:
Edolie Holcombe

Head Boy:
Alec Lightwood

Hufflepuff Prefects:

Ravenclaw Prefects:
Clary Fairchild

Gryffindor Prefects:
Isabelle Lightwood

Slytherin Prefects:
Aurora Lawson
Hufflepuff :: 180 | Ravenclaw :: 235 | Gryffindor :: 210 | Slytherin :: 245

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Professor Mavis Cerdwin
Professor Mavis Cerdwin

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PostSubject: RULES   7th January 2010, 14:14

1. Must be 13 years of age or older.

2. Be kind to all members when you are not role playing as your characters. Any animosity should not be transfered outside of role playing. On the other hand, personal problems outside of rp should also not prevent rping. They are characters, not you personally.

3. Keep language to a minimal and send a pm to me that says "Understood" in purple. There is no reason for constant cursing. It doesn't offend me at all, but there are people who are offended by it.

4. Anything over PG13 must be password protected.

5. Write in full sentences, use good grammar, correct punctuation and correct spelling.

6. Posts must be at least six sentences. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are few and far between. I've changed my mind, make "Understood" green. If an Admin or Mod asks you to lengthen a post, then you may contest it, but if they still think that it should be lengthened, then please do so.

7. Stay active. If you are not going to be on much or at all at some point, let us know first and let us know when you think that you will be back. If you are inactive for a month, you will be sent a warning message. If your character has an important position, then that position will be revoked if you do not become active within a week. If you still do not become active two weeks after the warning message is sent then your account(s) will be deleted.

8. Keep the site plot in mind. If you suddenly add something that the admins don't like, then they can ask you to edit your post and remove it. Don't argue.

These rules can be changed or added to at any time.
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