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 Character Profiles

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Character Profile
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PostSubject: Character Profiles   23rd May 2010, 21:24

Your character(s) profile is very important. It helps other people get to know your character(s) and decide if they would like their character(s) to interact with yours. Most importantly, it helps you keep track of your character(s).

*If you would like to have more than one character, I believe that you may do this by using a second e-mail address. Then you can change the e-mail address in your new account to the e-mail address that you used for your other one. You may have as many characters as you like as long as you keep track of them.*

At the top, under the Ascendio logo, there are several links. Click on the third from the last.

This will take you to your Profile Information.

There are several other links/tabs. Your Character Profile is the last one. Click on it.

The following is an explanation of the Character Profile.

Character Name: Your characters First, Middle (if you gave them one) and Last Name.

Character Nickname(s): Any nicknames that your character goes by or others have just given them.

Gender: Are they male or female?

Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy - current year is 2568): This will need to be changed as they age.

Age; Actual and Apparent: Apparent might be how old they look if they are immortal (vampire, et cetera) or age very slowly or look older than they really are.

Blood (Pure, Half blood, Muggle, et cetera.):

If your character's parents are a witch and wizard, then your character is "pure".

If your character has one Muggle parent and a witch or wizard parent, then your character has "Mixed" blood.

If your character is part Veela and part human (witch, wizard, or Muggle parent) then your character is a "Halfblood".

If your character isn't human at all, then just type what your character is.

Race (Human, Giant, Veela, etc.): Goes into more detail. If your character is a vampire, werewolf, etc. then type that. You can use any sort of "race" in the books. If you make up one, please check with me first, but I'll likely allow it.

Nationality : If your characters parents are German or Irish, and such or a mix, then put that there. It may or may not end up being important.

Country (residential) :
The country where your characters residence is.

Home Town : Where ever your character originally hails from or the place they have lived where they felt the most at home.

Physical Description : This is here so that others know how to describe your character if they need to while rping. You don't have to fill out all of it if you don't want to. (ie. Height, Weight, and Body Type.

Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Height and Weight:
Clothing Style:
Body Type:
Skin Colour:
Body Art:
Celebrity Claim:
If there is a famous person who you want to represent what your character looks like, then put them here. You also need to claim them in the Character Center. Be sure that they aren't already taken.

Personality : This is very important. It will help you keep track of what your character is like and tell other people. Someone might want to rp with you because of your characters personality. Please be very descriptive. Make it so that we feel like we know your character. This may change over time if your character evolves.

Habits : Most people have small quirky habits. Your character doesn't have to have one, but it's a good idea to give them one and use it as your rp.

Goals : Most people have some sort of goal, what does your character want to accomplish, whether it be short term or for the long haul.

Weaknesses and Flaws : Everyone has weaknesses and flaws, there are no exceptions.

Fears : Everyone has fears.

Bogart : What would a bogart turn into if your character were to come across one?

Dislikes : Everyone has things, personalities, people, situations, et cetera, that they dislike.

Reputation : You can wait on this one until your character is well established or make up what people would normally think of your character. Keep in mind that this, and most other things, could change over time.

Talents, Special Abilities, Strengths : If your character has an interesting talent or strength, then list it here. You must apply for any Special Abilities in the Character Center to get one of those. You may list it directly after you do so though because you'll likely be allowed to have the Special Abilities. I, or another Admin, might ask you for more information about any Special Abilities that you may have. If there is a problem with it, then one of us will contact you and you can just change it in your Character Profile.

Patronus : Students will be taught to use a Patronus at Hogwarts this time around. What will yours be? If your character is an adult and doesn't have one, then leave it blank or put what it would be. Keep in mind that this can change as your character evolves. (ie. Tonks patronus turned into a wolf because she was in love with Lupin.)

Passions : What is your character passionate about?

Likes : What are the little things that make your character happy? Not needed, but would tell us a little more about your character.

Mirror of Erised (Deepest Desire) : What does your character desire more than anything else? I would like it if everyone filled this out. It can say a lot about a character.

Opinions : Any specific opinions they have. It can be a quote and such. Not needed, but again, can tell us more about your character.

Alliance : The DA (Dumbledore's Army) has been revived by some students in the school in order to try to keep some others, who seem to be following in a similar path as Voldemort and others before and after him, from gaining too much power.

Victus-mortuus (meaning "Living Dead") is a group of students, many of whom are vampires, who are attempting to recruit others to gain power. Some enjoy causing havoc just for the hell of it.

Unaffiliate/Neutral - Those who have nothing to do with either or want nothing to do with either.

This will become very important later on. More options will likely be added to it. If you come up with an idea for it, let me know.

Background : This is just as important as your characters personality because this is why they are the way they are. If there is more to your characters story than you can put in this area, then you can write more about them in the In-Depth Character Profiles in the Character Center.

Relatives : Any living relatives or important ones who are dead (such as characters from the HP Books).

Sexuality : Not important, but can tell us more about your character. May change over time, so don't feel cemented to what you pick.

Wand : This is very important. If your character wouldn't have had one already, then go to the Wand Craft room in the Dungeons to rp your character getting a wand.

Wood Type: Choose any wood type you would like. I'll try to post a thing about the importance of different types of woods so that you might use your characters birthday or personality to decide. If it isn't up yet, then you could research it yourself. Wink I would go with the Celtic Wood stuff. Can't remember how exactly I searched it.
Core: You don't have to go with what has been used in the book. Be inventive if you would like.
Further Description: Is it bendy, supple, thin, thick, rigid, et cetera?
Length: Inches please.

Familiar(s) : Your characters pet(s). There aren't really any restrictions as long as your pet(s) aren't going to kill anyone. If they do, then I suggest smuggling them in and trying to keep them a secret.

Occupation : If your character is a student, then put Student, their house, and their year. If they are a professor, put that and the class(es) that they teach. If they own a shop or work at one, put that and the name of the shop.

Role Play Sample : This will give others a good idea of your rp style.

I may end up adding more to the Character Profile, but I'll send out a bulletin if I do. Please keep these updated.
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Character Profiles
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