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Mavis Cerdwin

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Aurora Lawson
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Professor Mavis Cerdwin
Professor Mavis Cerdwin

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PostSubject: Sub-plots   7th January 2010, 14:30

((If you have a sub-plot that you would like listed, please post it here and it will be added.))

Mysterious Murders - Hogwarts has re-opened and there are already circumstances that threaten to close the school again. Bodies of large and dangerous animals that reside in the Forbidden Forest had been found on, what can only be described as, "display". Though this was strange and worrisome, it wasn't until a human body was found beside the Black Lake by another student, that the staff began to panic. They do not yet have any clue as to whom or what is the culprit.

Hogwarts Tribune - A student has started a secret school news paper so that he can report the news without the staff interfering. However, he is still looking for investigators, journalists, and editors to get the paper started.

*If you are interested in having your character be a part of the Hogwarts Tribune then please pm Chad Donovan.

Riffraff (Victus-mortuus) - Some students who are now attending Hogwarts had done so before. How is this possible you ask? They are over five hundred years old and they have now returned because they were feeling... a bit nostalgic. Some of them have returned to Hogwarts in search of recruits.

*If you have a wonderfully devious character and would be interested in being a part of this group, then contact either Aurora Lawson, Benjamin Siegel, Chloe Wilkinson, or Roslin Holcombe.

Dumbledore's Army (DA) has been formed in honor of the original DA. The members practice spells together and are actively watching students whom are believed to be a part of Victus-mortuus.

*To join contact me and I'll get things going with this one.

Clandestine Hollow - the Clandestine Hollow is a village deep within the Forbidden Forest. The residents there grow up learning to be great warriors whether Witch, Wizard, Centaur, or any other being. The Clandestines welcome all who wish to follow their ways.

Unspeakables - The Unspeakables once ran the Department of Mysteries under the Ministry of Magic. They were sworn to protect the secrets that lie in the depths of the Department of Mysteries and still do to this day. The Unspeakables became a society with time that passed on their knowledge only to those who were worthy. All were put under the unbreakable vow to protect the Department of Mysteries and it's content for the rest of their lives. Over time, they began to worship the mysterious curtain in the Death Chamber and became quite odd.

*This sub-plot will grow and converge with the school over time. We need Unspeakables, so, if you're interested, make a new character and join the nutters!

Modern Day Witch Hunts - There are and have been problems outside of Hogwarts with Modern Day Witch Hunts because of young witches and wizards not knowing how to control their magic.

Peace-loving nomadic peoples have made Nurmengard their home.

The Dementors have completely taken over and over-run Azkaban; using the wizarding prison to hold captives from which they feed.
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