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 Chloe Wilkinson's Story

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Chloe Wilkinson
Chloe Wilkinson

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PostSubject: Chloe Wilkinson's Story   8th June 2010, 14:08

Chloe’s story begins on November 11th, 1983… The day Chloe was born. Her parents, Daniel and Laura Wilkinson, knew she was special as she was born on the powerful number 11. With 11 being a powerful number in magic, with Daniel being gifted in the Dark Arts, and with Laura being gifted in Wandless Magic, the Wilkinson’s could not wait to find out the talents their daughter would hold.

It did not take long for the talents and special abilities to appear from Chloe. On her first birthday, not only did she walk, she floated the more excited she became. The Wilkinson’s were overjoyed. On her 3rd birthday, Chloe was able to pick up her presents without actually touching them, elating her mother by demonstrating her own Wandless Magic. Each year, Chloe was able to do more and more, surprising her parents each time. However, none of them compared to her 11th birthday. In the summer Chloe had received her letter from Hogwarts and had began attending the school in September. Her parents managed to convince the Headmaster that she needed to come home for her birthday and held a big party for Chloe with family and old friends. Though the surprise was for Chloe, she ended up surprising her parents and party guests by demonstrating her new found skills she had developed while at Hogwarts. She delighted the guests by making all the presents float about their heads and “handed” them drinks of punch from across the room… But as one guest, a very grumpy, very old Uncle, grumbled about her “skills” being parlor tricks, Chloe became angry – very angry. All the presents crashed down on the guests’ heads as her concentration broke. Then she focused it all onto the punch bowl. She picked it up with her mind and threw it at the old man – He ducked just in time. That did not satisfy Chloe. Her anger quickly turned into pure hatred. Her keen eyes zeroed in on the burning fire directly behind her Great Uncle. Before anyone could react, or even notice as her eyes flashed from the fire back up to the old man, he was thrown back into the fire and Chloe was gone. Her parents were in utter shock. As the guests went to the aid of the Great Uncle, Daniel and Laura Wilkinson stood in the doorway completely silent and unmoving. The Uncle was taken out of the fire and put out, but not before receiving 3rd degree burns, and quite obviously, the party ended. The Wilkinson’s apologized profusely for their daughter’s behaviour, wanting to keep a clean reputation amongst several guests. Laura offered to heal the Uncle’s burns as she was quite good with healing spells, but he grumpily refused and limped out of the house as he attempted to heal his burns himself, muttering about psychopaths and evil-doers. Once the house was empty, Daniel and Laura turned to one another and smiled slyly. Their daughter was powerful, extremely powerful – And they loved it. Especially Daniel. Daniel could not wait for his daughters return so that he could show her his collection of Dark Arts books and begin teaching her the things he knew. Laura was very proud of her daughter, but a small part worried for her. Laura’s Grandmother had similar powers when she was alive… Her powers ended up killing her. They grew too strong too quickly and her mind could not handle it. Laura chewed her nails, wondering where her daughter was… Meanwhile, in the family’s library, Daniel was reviewing ways to manipulate fire.
Chloe on the other hand, reappeared in Hogsmeade, just down the road from the Shrieking Shack. Her eyes were wild with power and fear. She had no idea what had overcome her as she threw her Great Uncle into the fire. She had no idea where the power had come from… and it frightened her a little. Only a little. She was afraid now because it was new and strange, but her mind was already thinking of the future and what she could do with that power. The left corner of her mouth turned up in an evil, crooked smile.
Chloe spent that night in the Shrieking Shake, knowing that if she returned to the school before she was due, questions would be asked. She received no sleep that night, but not because the squeaky house frightened her, because she was busy experimenting with her powers. As she experimented she soon discovered that she could hear things a little better. She heard a small mouse make its way up the stairs and through the little hole in the wall. It looked up at her as it entered the room, squeaked and ran back out. Chloe smiled, “Chicken.”
The next morning, Chloe returned to the school, acting completely normal and telling everyone that she had a wonderful birthday. She quickly headed to the Owlery and wrote a letter to her parents explaining that she was back at school and everything was fine. She apologized for what happened, but knew that her parents probably did not mind all that much as they hated that particular Uncle. Everything resumed its normalcy and life went about Hogwarts with no one the wiser.

As time went on, Chloe’s mind grew stronger and much more powerful. She spent a lot of her nights in the Restricted section of the Library, skimming through Dark Arts books and memorizing spells, laughing evilly at some now and then. Throughout the day Chloe remained quite silent. She preferred to listen rather than speak, unless provoked. The only people she really spoke to were her close friends, which were few. As evil as Chloe was, she did little to alert the Professor’s or Headmaster to her inner thoughts. Another student would really have to annoy her in order for her to act on it, which in that case it was something simple and not completely obvious to those nearby. Wandless Magic was quite handy in that sense.
During Chloe’s time at Hogwarts, she became quite fond of one soul in her inner circle. Chloe had never been sure of love, but as she grew closer to this individual, she knew that she would be capable of loving anyone, so long as they loved her in return. Their love was strong and powerful. Together they could do great things, and that they did. They were the Queens of Hogwarts you could say.

But love can be evil, too… Chloe’s heart was shattered. She left the school immediately, wanting to be away from it all, away from her, away from life. She grabbed a broom and flew, wanting the cool air to dry her ever-pouring tears. Hours later she stopped in a small meadow deep within an unknown forest. She landed roughly, as her senses were off, and tumbled onto her stomach. She remained there for some time, not seeing, not hearing, and not feeling… As the night grew long and dark, she soon was aware of how cool the air had become, and hugged her legs against her body. As she did so, her senses were alerted to a quiet sound at the edge of the meadow. Though she heard it, she could not force her mind or body to react to it. Her subconscious mind was taking in the fact that it was quieter than an animal, but that it was not an animal… It was something dangerous – More dangerous than Chloe. Her subconscious mind attempted to alert her by increasing her heart rate as the sound grew faintly louder, but still… Chloe did not react. She lay still and silent on the grass and wildflowers, tears still streaming down her face, though she was unaware of them. The predator drew closer, seeing Chloe, hearing Chloe, and most of all… smelling Chloe. She smelled absolutely appetizing. Her floral scent was mouthwatering and definitely irresistible. So why resist? Ten more quiet paces… The predator inhaled deeply and dropped to his knees beside Chloe. He looked down at her sad, fetal position and then at her face, her face that was soaked by tears. A very small part of the predator felt something for this pathetic girl, but it was not enough to smother her glorious scent. The tears would add a salty flavour to the mix, the predator thought - He smiled, his sharp teeth glinting in the moonlight. Chloe’s subconscious mind managed to force her eyes to look up at the man kneeling over her. Her lips parted as if to gasp, but no sound escaped her lips. It was too late anyway – The predator was at her neck in less than a heartbeat. Chloe felt nothing at first, but as the minutes passed the pain in her subconscious mind leaked into her conscious mind. She attempted to struggle against the predator, but her limbs were too weak and she forgot about her powerful mind as it was still consumed by other thoughts. It was soon over. The predator stepped back; satisfied with his meal and that he had not killed the girl (he tried to feed on animals only in order to remain apart of civilization). He returned to the edge of the meadow and then stopped. For some reason he felt compelled to stay. Though he felt no guilt for feeding on the girl, he still felt something… Unsure of what it was and intrigued by it, the predator remained at the edge of the meadow and watched in silence as the transformation took place.
Pain consumed Chloe. Her heart was racing faster than a Hummingbird’s wings. She gripped the grass and wildflowers, letting out an earth-shattering scream as the pain reached an ultimate high. As she rolled onto her back, her heart beat one last time. Chloe’s eyes shut and her last breath silently slipped between her lips. A moment later her eyelids flew open. Chloe’s, now very green, eyes could see every star in the night’s sky, every crater and crevice on the moon. She could hear every whisper the wind made, every little footstep an animal made, and every squeak or chirp. Her attentive ears soon heard the light rustle of grass near the edge of the forest. Chloe was on her feet before she even thought about getting up. Her eyes zoomed in on the tall, dark figure standing at the edge. He eyed her carefully, gave her a small smile, and took one step closer. She was in front of him before he could blink. She barred her teeth and growled. Then snapped her mouth shut, shocked by the fact that she had actually growled. The man laughed, “You’ll get use to the sound eventually.” Chloe squinted at the man and asked, “What am I?” He grinned a beautiful crooked smile, similar to her own, and responded, “You’re a Vampire – Thanks to me.” Chloe’s mouth popped open and her eyes widened. The man laughed again, “It’s fun once you get the hang of it.” Chloe stared silently at the man before asking, “Who are you? Why did you do this to me?” The man’s smile faded a bit. He did not like telling many people information about himself, but as he had done this to this girl, he figured he should tell her… “My name is Damon Slate. And your scent was so mouthwatering that I couldn’t resist having a taste. I don’t normally feed on humans, though, so I stopped before I killed you. Which in turn made you into a Vampire.” Chloe remained silent, still staring at the strange man before her. He was incredibly beautiful. She had never seen anyone so incredibly good looking before in her life. She was suddenly aware of how she must look and wrapped her arms tightly around her torso. Damon watched her curiously, wondering what she must be thinking. He then held out his hand, “Come with me. I’ll fill you in on the details and show you what to do.” Chloe took Damon’s hand, though without consciously making the decision to take his hand, and walked into the forest with him. Damon told her as much about Vampire’s as he could and gave her tips on which animals tasted better than others, and then demonstrated the best way to hunt. Damon mesmerized Chloe. His beauty was beyond words, as was his strength and power. Damon and Chloe became companions, traveling the world together. Damon felt compelled to stay with Chloe, to show her the way… and if he was being honest with himself, he knew it was more than that, but he was afraid to love again after last time... Chloe was thankful that she was not alone. She was unsure if she could return to her parents, though Damon had insisted that they would not notice, but Chloe did not feel comfortable enough in her new life yet to test that theory, so she had nowhere else to go.

Though she barely knew Damon, she knew he was already mending her shattered heart. Damon was highly protective of Chloe, but if they became too close, he would pull away and bring out his dark sarcasm to smother any feelings. He wanted to love Chloe, but he was afraid she would disappear the moment he told her. Chloe was deeply in love with Damon and every time he pulled away from her a tiny mended piece of her heart would shatter again. But she was not about to give up on him. She attempted to speak to him about past relationships in hopes of figuring out his fear, but the minute he would turn the conversation so that it was on her, she would go silent and threaten him with her eyes. (When Chloe became a Vampire, instead of losing her powers, they were strengthened. If she really desired to, she could kill with one look).

While Chloe and Damon were traveling they soon heard talk of Hogwarts being destroyed. A small part of Chloe mourned the loss of the school - The beginning of her true powers. But the rest of her was quite happy to know that it was destroyed. The school held nothing but hatred after that fateful day and she was grateful to be rid of those memories. Damon tried asking Chloe about the school and why she hated it so much, but she would only retort with, “Why should I tell you about it when you won’t tell me about your past?” Damon sighed and walked away. They fought often because of the unyielding tension that was growing between them. They both wanted to love one another but could not do it openly. For a brief month they went there separate ways. During that time, Chloe went to visit her parents and was shocked to learn that they had passed. It was then that she realized how many years had passed by… Time did not seem to exist the moment she became a Vampire. Chloe found her old home, which was now nothing but rubble. While her Father was experimenting with fire spells he ended up setting the house ablaze, killing himself and Chloe’s Mother. Chloe stood silent in the middle of the house, staring down at an old family picture. The edges were burned and it was bit dirty, but otherwise it was fine. Damon appeared silently at her side. He twined his fingers in with hers and softly pressed his lips to her hair, whispering, “I’m sorry.” A red tear fell down Chloe’s cheek. “How did you find me?” She asked. “I figured that once you were away from me that you would seek your family,” Damon responded. Chloe sighed, whipped away the tear, bent down and picked up the picture and then she and Damon turned and left the house.
They soon found a small, abandoned castle in a secluded forest in Scotland and set up home there. They fed only on animals within 10 miles of their home, but would venture further if they wanted to have some fun. Many years later, Chloe heard of the reopening of Hogwarts... It was actually happening. Chloe was torn. She had never been able to complete her Seventh year. Though she had learned much while traveling the world with Damon, there was still something missing. With Damon’s consent to go, Chloe returned…
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Chloe Wilkinson's Story
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