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 Lost In Oblivion :: OPEN ::

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René Leclerq
René Leclerq

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PostSubject: Lost In Oblivion :: OPEN ::   28th July 2010, 01:15

It was a particularly cold night and René had difficulty sleeping. It had been several days since her mother had left her at the dingy inn and she'd boarded a train alone to make her way to Hogwarts. Everyone was friendly here, everyone wanted to accept her and yet she had this burning feeling in her that she had to go home, her mother was alone in the house with her father and who knew what he would do if he didn't like whatever explanation she came up with for where René was and how it was possible to send her off without any money.

René remembered the flash of bright gold in the dark depths of the wizard bank she'd visited with her mother and closed her eyes, seeing again those dank tunnels in a blur. She hadn't really gotten a good look at anything until they'd reached her mother's vault but every blurry image stuck in her head. She shifted on the mattress and felt the aftermath of the last meeting she'd had with her father. Her back, arms and legs were still covered in bruises but she'd managed to cover it up pretty well while around the other kids in the school.

A bed squeaked nearby and René's eyes flew open, there was no chance of her getting any sleep this night. She quietly flung her legs over the edge of the bed and slipped her feet into her slippers before getting up and opening the case that held the violin her mother had bought her. Someone stirred nearby and she turned to stare into the face of a girl who slept beside her. The girl's eyes were wide open and she whispered softly, "You'll get into trouble if they find you in the corridors." Her eyes closed and she sank back into sleep, her breathing becoming instantly slower and deeper.

René stood there for several seconds, thinking over the options and decided to risk leaving the common room. She opened the door that led onto the landing, everything was quiet and dark. With conscious thought René held her wand up, she'd remembered to grab it just as she walked out of the dormitory and now cast one of the few spells her mother had taught her before she'd left her at the inn. "Lumos." A thin light lit the tip of the wand and René held the wand out in front of her to light the way, listening all the while for any sound of footsteps or shuffling - anything that would indicate someone was approaching. She made it all the way to the owlery without meeting anyone except a rather polite ghost who told her that she wasn't supposed to be out of bed and warned her to take a round about route because of another ghost who would surely make her rule breaking known to the whole castle.

She took the ghost's advice and it took her almost ten minutes longer to reach the owlery but once she got there she felt better. The common room had a way of making her feel tense, there were a lot of people in those rooms, always people around her, it made her anxious and jumpy. The quiet of the owlery was calming her. The more she looked around the happier she felt, it was the perfect place for her.

René pushed her sleeves up around her elbows and raised the violin to her shoulder bringing the bow down on the strings she closed eyes and swayed on the spot as the music poured out of the instrument she held. There was no thought now, only the music, her head bowed against the violin as if she would pass into the music and enticingly no one around her to see the scars on her arms or the bruises left behind. All sense of her left her and there was only the sound, long vibrant notes reaching up towards the sky...

Obviously without all the extras, just the violin music... but here's the song I'm imagining.