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Edolie Holcombe

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PostSubject: Movies   1st August 2010, 01:16

A guy that I went to school with is in this movie. Haven't seen it yet. It looks horrible, but I had told him ages ago that I would watch it.

I found this link, so we'll see if it actually works...

Watch "The Thirst: Blood War" Movie

Bah, it just takes you to some page that I've been to that doesn't let you watch it. If anyone finds a way to watch it that doesn't force you to download screen savers and junk, then please let me know.

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Aurora Lawson

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PostSubject: Re: Movies   4th August 2010, 05:31

Surf the Channel offered this link:
The Thirst: Blood War
It worked for me, I didn't watch it though, don't have time right now.

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